mayo 16, 2018


Capstan manufacturing locations are strategically located to fit your needs.

CA – Capstan California, founded in 1943, is home to our corporate headquarters and focuses on powder metal filters and stainless steel structural parts.

AT – Capstan Atlantic, a growing division with over 250 employees, focuses on powder metal gears for the automotive industry.

MX – Capstan Mexico, our cost effective manufacturing facility, focuses on the automotive and appliance industry. Capstan Mexico maintains a superior reputation with the capability to succeed at cost effective demanding high volume applications.

Capstan Mexico is located on a newly renovated seven acre facility near the Guadalajara International Airport. Neighbors such as Borg Warner, IBM and Honda compliment the world class manufacturing area.

Manufacturing Facility

  • 30,000 Square Feet
  • 60 Non-Union Employees, Bilingual
  • ISO 9000 Certified
  • Certified by AVR
  • Quality Management System


Compressor Plates


Ground Components

Multilevel Components

Bushing and Bearings


Pressing to 15-200 tons multi-action

Sintering High Temperature

Continuous Steam Treating

Metallurgical Lab

ISO 9000 Certified




2018 – Capstan Mexico Sales by Market Segments

Capstan Mexico product line is well diversified in the market with focuses in residential refrigeration, household appliances, automotive drivetrain, automotive shock absorbers, heavy equipment, and industrial products.


CAPSTAN MEXICO offers the broadest material selection in the industry to meet a wide range of needs. Manufacturing components from metal powder can reduce weight as well as minimize manufacturing costs through a process that allows broader design capabilities.

  1.  Iron and cooper steel
  2.  Bronze
  3.  Cooper steel and nickel
  4.  Low alloy steel
  5.  Sinter hardened steel
  6.  Cooper infiltrated steel
  7. Structural bronze