mayo 17, 2018


Our Product Portfolio exist of over 2,000 different parts for different applications.

While other companies have pursed market growth strategies through scale, Capstan Mexico has grown by low-cost, unrivaled customer service, and global strategies to become a major world powder metal division for Capstan Incorporated.

Automotive Drivetrain

Inserts and Slotted Inserts – Drivetrain Systems help make today’s transmissions and all-wheel drive systems efficient and fun to drive.  Advanced drivetrain technologies include dual clutch friction and control modules, all-wheel drive systems for front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles, complete transmissions for electric vehicles and a broad offering of automatic transmission products.

Shock Absorbers – Rod Guides and Pistons

Bearing Applications –Bronze-Iron Material.

Oil Impregnation. Infiltration.

Demand for industrial goods is usually based on the demand for consumer goods they help produce called derived demand.

Industrial Products